About Martin

It’s very nice that you want to know more about me! I’m Martin and I design and build websites. I’m from Glasgow but live in Newcastle upon Tyne; married with two kids.

Martin Underhill of tempertemper Web Design

My career in the web

I love the web. It’s for everyone. Anyone can access information and anyone can have a voice.

I first dabbled with HTML in 2002 when I put together a website for the band I played in. Six years later, I was lucky enough to work out that a career in web design was my thing and put all of my energy into making it happen.


It sounds a bit antiquated now, but that’s exactly what I was: a webmaster. In fact, for a select few clients, I still am!

Working with small business to create, establish and improve their web presence made up the core of my work. Planning, designing and building websites, then improving them over time gives me a huge amount of satisfaction. I have the pleasure of working with some really great clients and our long-lasting relationships have made their websites fantastic business tools.


Over the years, I also worked freelance for larger teams. I’m a very easy person to get along with and have slotted nicely into many teams over the years, forging some lasting friendships as well as producing great websites.

My freelance work normally involved coding accessible interfaces, wrangling out-of-control CSS, or consulting on UI decisions.

Digital product design

In 2016 I made the move from websites into digital products. I worked full-time on a ground-up redesign/rebuild of a suite of web apps for contact centres. I redefined the look and feel of the product, introduced a robust pattern-library-first design system, and delivered components (in HTML and CSS) to the dev team.


I’ve been working in government since early 2018 on a Scrum team in the Digital Delivery Centre. I’m the team’s interaction designer, building my designs as working prototypes (in HTML/CSS/JavaScript) for usability testing, and also getting very involved in our service’s front-end code and accessibility testing.


I’m a big believer in sharing. The web community is exceptionally generous and I owe my career to blog posts I’ve Googled, Stack Overflow, talks I’ve seen and help from people I’ve met along the way.

A local meetup

In 2015 I co-founded Frontend NE, a monthly front-end web development meetup and annual conference. The meetup gives front-end web developers a place to learn more about their craft, as well as put the web-world to rights over beer and pizza; while the conference draws folk in from further afield for a day of talks, learning and fun.


Although I’m an introvert, I’m certainly not shy! In fact, I really enjoy presenting ideas to audiences, and do so regularly where I work in Government as well as at local design, development and tech meetups.


Accessibility is central to everything we develop in Government. I give regular workshop courses in HTML and accessibility, which are well attended by back-end developers, testers, interaction and content designers; even user researchers and business analysts have come along and learned a lot!

What about right now?

I love learning and I love my work; I also have a life outside of the web! Find out what I’m up to at the moment on my now page.

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