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I do a few things really well. I do a lot of other things too, but these are the things I like to shout about.

  • User experience design

    From the overall structure to the elements that make up a page, making sure a website is easy to use is the most important aspect of design.

  • Accessibility

    Accessibility is intrinsic to everything I work on, whether a design or the HTML, CSS and JavaScript a web page is built with.

  • Frontend development

    I’m a frontend developer with a strong focus on accessible HTML and CSS and some JavaScript enhancements to improve usability.

  • User interface design

    How an interface looks/feels is important; not only should it be on-brand, but the components it comprises should be consistent and documented.

  • HTML email

    Call me a glutton for punishment, but I love designing and coding HTML email, whether getting Lotus Notes to play nicely or Dark Mode support.

  • Perch CMS

    Since 2010 I’ve built countless websites using Perch. It’s a joy to work with, and makes it so easy to update content that my clients love it too.