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Case studies

I’ve done a lot of design and development work over the years; here are some of my highlights.

  1. Making a Government service accessible

    I worked on a Government service for nearly two and a half years, spending much of that time ensuring it was accessible. Here’s how it happened.

  2. Efficient, simple and usable GOV.UK dashboard pages

    In the service I’ve worked on for the last two years, a lot of improvements have been made. One huge win was the dashboard page.

  3. A minimal task list pattern for GOV.UK

    One job I’m particularly proud of is the improved GOV.UK task list pattern. My stripped-back design is now part of HMRC’s Design Patterns library.

  4. Designing a cohesive suite of applications

    When I redesigned EvaluAgent’s suite of apps consistency of the UI was key, but there had to be a way of discerning one app from another at a glance.