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The things I’m up to right now

You’ve seen my blog and about page so you know what I’m interested in and how I ended up doing what I do, but what am I up to right now?

  • Working hard on a presentation for the Technically podcast on the 5th of May, where I take a deep dive into the <section> element
  • Enjoying the sunny weather, even if there has been the odd wet spell; the kids being able to go out and play in the garden makes life so much easier
  • Happy with the slightly more relaxed lockdown rules; even if, working from home and the father of two young children, I don’t really benefit much from them, it’s good to know the hospitalisations and deaths are coming right down
  • My wife has had her first COVID-19 vaccination and I’m next: just need to find a free slot at a local vaccination centre on a date that works
  • Still enjoying this new kitchen: the half-size diswasher is perfect and, having taken a bit of a leap of faith with the induction hob, I’d happily never use a gas hob again!
  • Having finished The Wire (that last season was a bit far-fetched but somehow managed not to ruin the story as a whole), we’ve discovered Fargo. Almost finished season 2 and it’s amazing

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’