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☀️ Ten scorching posts!

May’s productivity carried over into June, with the number of posts reaching double figures. In particular, I’ve rediscovered Keynote, covered CSS’s Increased Contrast Mode, and finally gotten round to writing about back links.

  1. Front of the frontend
  2. HTML-only Dark Mode
  3. Fixing Safari’s HTML-only Dark Mode bug
  4. The trouble with back links
  5. WWDC 2021 roundup
  6. I’d forgotten how much I like Keynote
  7. Styling code snippets in Keynote
  8. Craig Federighi on, essentially, mobile first
  9. Using the Increased Contrast Mode CSS media query
  10. Sass mixins for Increased Contrast Mode (and Dark Mode)

From the archives

At WWDC, Apple announced that CSS aspect-ratio will be coming to Safari later this year, which reminded me that adding unitless dimensions to images in our HTML sets the aspect ratio before the image is fetched. A great way to stop that nasty jankiness as the page loads.

Elsewhere on the web

In no particular order, here are some interesting nuggets from around the web that I enjoyed during June:

Anyway, I’ve got a some nice posts up my sleeve for July, and I’ve been doing some yet-to-be-published work on my website’s visual presentation, so expect a write up on that. See you again this time next month 😎

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