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👻 Boo!

It’s Halloween, I’ve just been guising with the kids, and they were given more chocolates and sweeties than they’ll ever manage to eat! If I could give you a handful I would, but that’s not all that easy over the internet so here’s something I can share; my blog posts from the last month:

  1. Always style links with a pseudo-class
  2. Face ID on the Mac won’t happen
  3. Mac event 2021
  4. If HTML and ARIA don’t allow it, it’s probably a bad idea

From the archives

I’ve had some really interesting conversations with colleagues this month about links that don’t open in the same browser tab. The advice I’ve been giving is the same that I blogged about this time last year in Opening links in a new tab or window is better avoided.

Elsewhere on the web

In no particular order, here are some interesting bits and bobs from around the web, mostly new and one oldie, that I enjoyed during the month of October:

Anyway, I’m off to work out what to do with all of that Halloween candy… 😏⁠🍫 See you at the end of November!

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