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🎄 The festive season is here

I think I might have broken an unwritten rule as we picked up our Christmas tree today and it’s not December until tomorrow… What else have I been up to this month? I’ve written two articles:

  1. What do we do with a link or button matters
  2. An update on Google and the open web

From the archives

A post I wrote a while back came in useful for a colleague this month, so I thought to share it with you too: Text snippets on Apple devices.

Elsewhere on the web

In no particular order, here are some interesting bits and bobs from around the web that I enjoyed during the month of November:

Anyway, I’ve got a tree to decorate, and the kids’ advent calendars to prepare for tomorrow morning 🎅🏻 See you this time next month for the last newsletter of 2021!

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