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🥞 Pancakes and posts

Every morning, I wake up nice and early to work on my blog before the kids surface, but tomorrow is pancake day so I’ll be using a bit of that writing time to prepare breakfast instead! Over February, though, there weren’t any pancakes to distract me, so I wrote you three posts:

  1. Going all-in on iCloud Passwords
  2. Safari, focus-visible and accessibility
  3. WCAG 2.2 in language I can understand (a follow-up to last month’s WCAG, but in language I can understand)

From the archives

I had a few chats about disabled buttons over the course of the month, which reminded me of an article I wrote a few years ago on how to avoid disabled buttons. I also referenced a couple of excellent articles by other people, so I’ll share them here:

Elsewhere on the web

Here are some more interesting articles from around the web, some old, some new, that I read in February:

Anyway, I hope you manage to enjoy a few pancakes tomorrow morning too! Catch you again at the end of March 😋

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