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🧟‍♂️ Zombie!

It’s Halloween today and, as coincidence would have it, I’m feeling a bit like the walking dead… My 11 year old and her friends have been sharing creepy videos, so she hasn’t been sleeping well, which has meant little rest for me and her mum either! But don’t worry, I still managed to write two articles for you!

  1. Accessibility beyond the ‘obvious’
  2. Complexity and caution

From the archives

I usually give you something accessibility related here, but this month I thought I’d go for something a bit different. A colleague asked me where I got ‘tempertemper’ from, so I dug him out an article I wrote a few years ago, and I thought why not share it with you too: Why ‘tempertemper’?

Elsewhere on the web

Here are some more interesting articles and videos from around the web that I read during October:

Anyway, have a great Halloween! Here’s hoping I get a decent night’s sleep before I catch you again at the end of November! 🥱

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