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🍎 WWDC excitement

On the 5th of this month Apple held their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) and it’s an event I look forward to watching every year. This year was a bit special due to their announcement of Apple Vision Pro but, weirdly, I was probably more excited about a handful of relatively small software updates, so I wrote about them in my WWDC 2023 roundup.

From the archives

I was part of a group chat at work about the use of emojis; the conversation included how support for newer emojis can’t be guaranteed, so they should be used with caution. It reminded me of a couple of posts I wrote last year about something similar, where certain HTML elements aren’t read out by screen reader software, meaning we can’t rely on them.

First up was Bold and italics aren’t read by screen readers, and I followed it up with Be careful with strikethrough.

Elsewhere on the web

Here are some of the more interesting bits and bobs from around the web that I read during June:

Anyway, I’ll catch you again at the end of July! 👋

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