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👧🏻👦🏼 School’s out!

The school summer holidays are upon us! Our kids have been off for just over a week and, as a result of careful routine planning and some tactical days off work, it’s going okay. Amidst the disruption, I’ve still been writing; here’s the one I hit ‘publish’ on: Accessibility represents maturity.


WCAG 2.2 was moved to ‘Proposed Recommendation’ on the 20th of July and a fair amount changed since their last ‘Candidate recommendation’ in May. As a result, I’ve updated my two articles that cover version 2.2:

From the archives

I’m currently chipping away at six or seven draft blog posts, and in one I wanted to talk about how HTML can be pretty much accessible by default and it’s us that breaks it with convoluted CSS. I ended up removing the point, but had linked to this article from my archives, which I reckon is worth re-sharing: HTML isn’t quite accessible out of the box.

Elsewhere on the web

Here are some of the more interesting bits and bobs from around the web that I read during July:

Anyway, I’ll catch you again at the end of next month, and hopefully the rest of the school break goes as well as this first week has; wish me luck! 😅

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