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Perch CMS

Since 2010 I’ve built countless websites using Perch. It’s a joy to work with, and makes it so easy to update content that my clients love it too.

I read about Perch in Net Magazine back in 2010, when searching for a WordPress alternative (me and WordPress have never seen eye to eye!). Perch has always had an easy to interpret and well organised structure and the thoughtfully designed control panel makes so much more sense to my clients.

Perch is focused on structured content, which means it can be put together so that website owners will find it reassuringly difficult to break their website’s design. This tightly controlled structure also lends itself nicely to reusing content in other contexts (whether RSS, Google listings, or social media like Twitter or LinkedIn).

Another huge plus is that Perch is completely unopinionated as to the markup used. It doesn’t add its own and doesn’t require any extraneous <div>s for its templates to work: what you write is exactly what’s output to the page.

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