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🌦 August’s roundup


It has been a wet month where I live ☔️ Despite being cooped up indoors, I only managed five posts, rather than the fifteen I managed the month before. I’ve had a lot going on with a change of jobs, so needed to put my focus elsewhere.

I can’t promise fifteen posts this coming month (that kind of pace doesn’t feel very sustainable…) but I’ve got a few posts in the pipeline and have some time off between jobs where I’ve scheduled to (finally!) record some HTML fundamentals videos. Watch this space 🎥

From the blog

August marked my last month working in UK government, after 2½ years. I wrote the briefest of posts to mark the end of an era.

I also got a bit excited about an iOS 14 feature they didn’t mention at WWDC called Back Tap. I think it could be a great work-around for the awkward Control Centre access gesture on Face ID iPhones. Let’s hope iOS 14 lands this month.

Here’s the full list of posts from August:

  1. Saying goodbye to UK government
  2. WebKit has fixed the implicit role on footers
  3. iOS 14’s Back Tap; a better way to access Control Centre
  4. Putting the time in up front
  5. Text snippets on Apple devices

Elsewhere on the web

Mostly accessibility related this month:

In a slight change in scheduling this month, the next newsletter will be with you on the 30th of September – it makes more sense to send a monthly roundup on the last day of each month! See you then 👋

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