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🎃🍂 Halloween’s here

Boo! 👻

It was a productive start to October, with five posts in the first fortnight. Then one of my kids caught a cold and wasn’t sleeping well, so my early starts (and therefore my writing) took a bit of a knock.

  1. Using the keyboard to navigate on macOS
  2. How to use the keyboard to navigate on Safari
  3. Styling list markers the right way
  4. Custom unordered list markers, done right
  5. Accessibility issues when removing list markers
  6. Respecting people’s privacy

Updated articles

I updated a few older posts during October:

  • I set up a new Mac and realised my Using nvm on macOS article needed a wee bit of extra detail
  • Following some feedback on Twitter, I’ve updated my article on opening links in a new tab/window to include details on some browsers that offer special Back button behaviour for links that open in a new tab/window

Elsewhere on the web

Anyway, I hope you manage to have a fun Halloween and I’ll see you again this time next month! 🦇

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