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🎉 A new-look website

I kicked off July by releasing version 6 of, the biggest visual change since 2014. I also wrote a couple of note-to-self posts so that I don’t forget how to use Wget and Pandoc; hopefully you can make use of them too!

  1. Website version 6
  2. Text underline thickness on Chrome
  3. Downloading a website as HTML files
  4. Share anyway
  5. Apple dials back the Safari 15 for macOS redesign
  6. Using Pandoc to convert Markdown to Jira’s Textile in Sublime Text

From the archives

A couple of years ago I realised I’d been using the <aside> element incorrectly; it prompted a write up, entitled Years in, the accessibility learning curve continues. This week, I learned something new about native mobile accessibility.

It’s really important to know that, whatever stage of our accessibility journey (or any journey, for that matter!), there’s always something to be learned. Staying open to others’ opinions and being willing to be proved wrong is the best way to improve.

Elsewhere on the web

In no particular order, here are some interesting articles, videos and tweets that I enjoyed during June:

Anyway, enjoy the reading and I’ll catch up with you again this time next month 🙂

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