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🥳 Happy new year!

As 2021 draws to a close, there’s just enough time to put together your monthly roundup of the articles from my blog:

  1. Design for everyone
  2. Safari 15’s Tab Groups

From the archives

I don’t use images very much on my website, but I’m currently writing an article which includes some screenshots, and I found myself referencing a post I wrote earlier this year on optimising images for the web.

The benefit of using WebP and/or AVIF over PNG and JPEG is particularly obvious when you consider that one of the images I’m using went from a 167KB (kilobyte) PNG to a 18KB WebP and a 10KB AVIF!

Elsewhere on the web

Anyway, that’s enough for this year; here’s to a happy Hogmanay and a great 2022 🥂

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