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🏃‍♂️ Working off those festive calories

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a wee bit of indulgence over the festive period: chocolate, good food, a few drinks with family and friends. But I’ve been back on the straight and narrow this month, including my longest streak of runs to date (15 days in a row). I’ve also written a few blog posts:

  1. Apple Watch’s default app view is bad
  2. The curse of knowledge
  3. WCAG, but in language I can understand

From the archives

I really enjoyed a recent post by Jeremy Keith on adding conditional ‘Back’ links via the @display-mode media query; it reminded me of an article I wrote last summer on the challenges faced when implementing of website-based back links.

Elsewhere on the web

In no particular order, here are some interesting titbits from around the web, old and new, that I enjoyed during January:

Anyway, I hope your 2022 has gotten off to a solid start too. I think I’ll maybe give my running trainers a few days’ rest, and I’ll catch you again at the end of February! 👟👟

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