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💡 One Thing

May is nearly upon us, and on the 19th it’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day (or GAAD). I have a challenge for you! Take some time to do one thing to make the world a wee bit more accessible:

  • Use your keyboard alone for your normal workflow for 15 minutes
  • Finally take some time to learn how to use a screen reader
  • Talk to someone you know who has a disability about the digital barriers they face regularly
  • Run axe DevTools on your website to find out what accessibility issues you have

In return for your effort, I’ve written you some articles:

  1. If one person is remote, everyone should be remote
  2. Upgrading from iPhone XS to 13 Mini
  3. CSS Naked Day
  4. HTML isn’t quite accessible out of the box
  5. I deleted 1Password

From the archives

On CSS Naked Day, when I removed all styling from my website, someone I spoke to was surprised that it still had a dark theme. This was because they were using Dark Mode on their device, and HTML can check for Dark/Light Mode settings; no styling necessary!

Since writing the article last summer, Firefox has added support, so around 90% of all web browsers now support HTML-only Dark Mode.

Elsewhere on the web

Here are some more interesting articles from around the web that I read during April:

Anyway, good luck with your GAAD challenge and I’d love to hear what you do between now and the 19th of May: let me know on Twitter! See you again this time next month 🚀

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