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🤝 Happy new year

A busy start to the new year as we’re finally approaching the end of a five year home renovation project. I’d’ve liked to have written more, but managed one post for you: If you need a link, don’t use a button.

From the archives

I was chatting to some colleagues today about focus styling. We’ve been working on meeting the up-coming Focus Appearance rules in WCAG 2.2, but the conversation got extra interesting when discussing more elegant focus styling using :focus-visible. Worth another look; especially as :focus-visible has full (and now well established) browser support.

Elsewhere on the web

Here are some more interesting articles and videos from around the web that I read during January:

Anyway, I need to get back to the DIY – that bannister won’t sand itself! Catch you again at the end of January 🪚

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