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If a website isn’t fast, it isn’t accessible. A full list of categories is also available.

  1. Caching fonts on Netlify

    Article posted 22nd February 2021 in Development, Performance and Serverless

    I’m not sure what took me so long to notice, but my website’s custom font wasn’t caching. The good news is that caching is easy with Netlify.

  2. Using image aspect ratios to avoiding janky page loading

    Article posted 6th July 2020 in Development, HTML and Performance

    Adding dimensions to images in HTML is useful again! They’re a progressive enhancement to calculate the image’s aspect ratio and prevent jank.

  3. Lazy loading images without JavaScript

    Article posted 3rd July 2020 in Development, HTML and Performance

    Non-JavaScript lazy loading is a great progressive enhancement for image-heavy pages on the web. Just a simple HTML attribute and you’re away!

  4. Design and build for the worst case scenario

    Resource posted 29th June 2015 in Accessibility, Performance and Search

    Performance matters. If your website loads slowly it could be costing you business, so make sure it works for even the slowest of internet connections

  5. Webfonts

    Resource posted 11th September 2014 in Brand and Performance

    So what’s all this about webfonts? Can’t I just have my website display my text in the font I want? Well, the answer is “yes and no”…

  6. How the web works

    Resource posted 4th September 2014 in Performance

    When you open a website in your web browser what you see isn’t on the internet. Confused? This article will reveal all!