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  1. How my website’s design has evolved

    Article posted 25th June 2020 in Brand and Design

    My post on portfolio redesign got me wondering how my website has evolved. I had an enjoyable look on the WayBack Machine and took some snapshots.

  2. Pixels, constraints, minimalism and tempertemper

    Article posted 14th March 2020 in Brand and Design

    As a designer, I thrive on constraints; as a minimalist, I enjoy boiling something down to its essence. Happily, my brand now allows room for pixel art.

  3. Even the finest of details can be important

    Article posted 28th February 2020 in Brand and Design

    Since my post on refining my brand I’ve encountered a tiny issue where, with a circular crop, the underscore is too close to the edge of the circle.

  4. The simplest solutions are usually the best

    Article posted 25th January 2020 in Brand and Design

    I’ve spent more than 5 years working on an icon for my brand. It has been a lot of fun and the right solution turned out to be under my nose all along!

  5. Why ‘tempertemper’?

    Article posted 12th December 2019 in Brand

    Over the years, I’ve often been asked where I got the name ‘tempertemper’ from. The answer is very simple.

  6. Colour contrast on

    Article posted 14th October 2019 in Accessibility, Brand and Design

    Colour contrast on my site now meets WCAG AAA, in light or dark mode. There have been compromises but, if it’s more useable, I’m happy to make them.

  7. tempertemper’s Typefaces

    Article posted 19th June 2015 in Brand and Design

    I rebranded tempertemper last summer. Text is so important on the web that it made perfect sense to make typography one of the first things to tackle.

  8. Webfonts

    Resource posted 11th September 2014 in Brand and Performance

    So what’s all this about webfonts? Can’t I just have my website display my text in the font I want? Well, the answer is “yes and no”…

  9. Domain names

    Resource posted 6th September 2011 in Brand and Website admin

    Deciding on your domain name (or URL) is an important starting point for any business when embarking on having a website built.