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  1. Website updates and avoiding content loss

    Resource posted 23rd August 2015 in Content and Website admin

    Between your web designer starting work on a new feature and it going live, any changes you make to your website could be lost. Here’s how to avoid th

  2. Types of email and when to use each

    Resource posted 13th August 2015 in Email and Website admin

    Email can be pretty complicated. There are three different email formats and each comes with its own pros, cons, and best use case.

  3. Regular backups are important

    Resource posted 16th July 2015 in Website admin

    If your website was to to disappear somehow, restoring it is easy if you have a recent back-up somewhere. How can you back things up? Read on!

  4. Edit your blog posts off-line

    Resource posted 2nd July 2015 in Content and Website admin

    There are many advantages to writing your blog posts on a dedicated writing app and not directly on your website.

  5. Look after your domain name

    Resource posted 11th June 2015 in Search and Website admin

    Look after your domain name. It’s one of your most important business assets and the cost of losing it can be huge.

  6. Regular website maintenance

    Resource posted 3rd June 2015 in Website admin

    Regular attention and TLC is good for any website, small or large. How? Read on!

  7. Displaying an email address on your website

    Resource posted 5th March 2015 in Content, Email and Website admin

    Putting your email address on your website turns out to be surprisingly complicated issue. Read on to find out why!

  8. Password security

    Resource posted 28th November 2013 in Security and Website admin

    Passwords are often pretty easy to hack. Using a password manager like 1Password can make all the difference to being secure online.

  9. Little by little

    Resource posted 28th August 2012 in Marketing and Website admin

    What’s the best way to approach your website updates? Little by little or wholesale change and a grand-unveiling?

  10. CMS updates

    Resource posted 20th July 2012 in Website admin

    It’s important to keep your website up to date and this doesn’t just stop at the content that’s on there. It’s likely your site will incorporate some

  11. Reduce spam

    Resource posted 3rd April 2012 in Website admin

    Webforms are great but they’re also a target for spam. You’ll be glad to know there’s an effective way to greatly reduce or even eliminate this!

  12. Domain name renewals

    Resource posted 20th March 2012 in Website admin

    It’s not often that I feel compelled to have a rant, but today I really feel it’s necessary… I hope you see this as a warning, more than anything else

  13. Domain names

    Resource posted 6th September 2011 in Brand and Website admin

    Deciding on your domain name (or URL) is an important starting point for any business when embarking on having a website built.

  14. Google Analytics

    Resource posted 14th July 2011 in Marketing and Website admin

    Analytics are a great (and free!) way of seeing how all your hard work promoting your website is paying off…