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  1. Which images need descriptive text?

    Article posted 30th November 2022 in Accessibility and Content

    Image alt text is extremely important to many users, but how do we know which images should be described, and which shouldn’t?

  2. Here, here, and here

    Article posted 10th August 2022 in Accessibility, Content and Design

    Every now and again I read an article that links to multiple places, and each link is a separate word in a short phrase. I’m not a fan.

  3. Hero images – pros and cons

    Resource posted 25th November 2019 in Content

    Hero images are those big images at the top of a blog post. They have some compelling benefits, but there are some things to consider.

  4. Why you need a privacy policy

    Resource posted 22nd September 2016 in Content

    A privacy policy lets your visitors know that you care about their privacy. If you collect their data in any way you’re obliged to tell them.

  5. Website updates and avoiding content loss

    Resource posted 23rd August 2015 in Content and Website admin

    Between your web designer starting work on a new feature and it going live, any changes you make to your website could be lost. Here’s how to avoid th

  6. Edit your blog posts off-line

    Resource posted 2nd July 2015 in Content and Website admin

    There are many advantages to writing your blog posts on a dedicated writing app and not directly on your website.

  7. Website video

    Resource posted 1st June 2015 in Content

    Using video on your website is a powerful way to engage your visitors. Here’s how planning and shooting the video for my website went.

  8. Bookmark icons

    Resource posted 28th May 2015 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    Your website has lots going on behind the scenes, and one of those things should be a series of bookmark icons!

  9. Giving social media the right information

    Resource posted 18th May 2015 in Content, Marketing, Meta-data and Search

    Put some text in a box. Writing a post on social media used to be so easy. These days, when you enter an address into that box some extra things happe

  10. Displaying an email address on your website

    Resource posted 5th March 2015 in Content, Email and Website admin

    Putting your email address on your website turns out to be surprisingly complicated issue. Read on to find out why!

  11. Image cropping

    Resource posted 7th April 2014 in Content

    Uploading an image to your website isn’t without its pitfalls. Formatting images is often a combination of preparation and your CMS’s wizardry.

  12. Why I changed my baseline

    Resource posted 6th March 2014 in Accessibility and Content

    Every site I build is now mobile friendly and allows the editing of all content by default. This is for a few very good reasons.

  13. Page titles

    Resource posted 31st January 2014 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    A page title is generally held to be one of the most important things on a web page for being found on search engines like Google.

  14. How to write a link using Markdown

    Resource posted 4th November 2013 in Content and Markdown

    It’s all very well knowing the principles behind writing a link, but how do you actually write a one in your blog or other webpage?

  15. What you see isn’t what you get

    Resource posted 30th August 2013 in Content

    On the web, what you see isn’t always what you get. This is why it’s so important to keep your focus on content, rather than how your website will loo

  16. How headings work

    Resource posted 30th August 2013 in Content

    Headings break groups of paragraphs down into manageable and readable sections, which makes them easy to read. But are you using them correctly?

  17. What is Markdown?

    Resource posted 24th August 2013 in Content and Markdown

    Markdown is a way of writing a document, but what’s so special about it? And what actually is it?

  18. Markdown cheatsheet

    Resource posted 15th August 2013 in Content and Markdown

    Markdown is a brilliant way to write content for the web. Here’s a quick overview of the most commonly used Markdown, for your reference.

  19. Do I need a CMS?

    Resource posted 20th November 2012 in Content

    A CMS (Content Management System) allows you to take control of the content on your website. Sounds like a no-brainer, but is it really the best optio

  20. Calls to action

    Resource posted 3rd November 2012 in Content

    It’s no good hoping your visitors will guess what you want them to do. Let them know and you’ll see a massive difference in your website’s usefulness!

  21. Links make the web go round

    Resource posted 9th September 2012 in Content

    Links are the founding principle on which the world wide web is based, but are you using them correctly?

  22. Making the most of your blog posts

    Resource posted 3rd September 2012 in Content and Marketing

    Make the most of your blog posts! An article covering the various things there are to think about before writing and publishing your blog post.

  23. Image alt text

    Resource posted 28th August 2012 in Accessibility and Content

    Useful ‘alt’ text on images will not only keep your visitors happy but has happy knock-on effect on your search engine ranking.

  24. Like? Follow? No thanks!

    Resource posted 24th August 2012 in Content and Marketing

    This article will give you a valuable insight into the pros and cons of having social media buttons on your website.

  25. Page descriptions

    Resource posted 21st May 2012 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    Each page of your website should have its own description that will be picked up by search engines and presented to the person who’s searching. In thi

  26. Writing your website

    Resource posted 20th November 2011 in Content

    Writing the copy for your site is probably one of the most important jobs you’ll carry out for your website.

  27. Keywords

    Resource posted 14th August 2011 in Content and Search

    One type of optimisation that you yourself can make for search is a well thought out keyword strategy.