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  1. Bookmark icons

    Resource posted 28th May 2015 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    Your website has lots going on behind the scenes, and one of those things should be a series of bookmark icons!

  2. Giving social media the right information

    Resource posted 18th May 2015 in Content, Marketing, Meta-data and Search

    Put some text in a box. Writing a post on social media used to be so easy. These days, when you enter an address into that box some extra things happe

  3. Tidy up your site’s addresses for search

    Resource posted 29th April 2015 in Meta-data and Search

    Google have made a few changes lately. The most recent in the pipeline is the way URLs (web addresses) are displayed in their search results.

  4. What is meta data

    Resource posted 14th October 2014 in Meta-data

    Have you ever wondered what meta data is? If so, this is the (very brief!) article for you.

  5. Page titles

    Resource posted 31st January 2014 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    A page title is generally held to be one of the most important things on a web page for being found on search engines like Google.

  6. Page descriptions

    Resource posted 21st May 2012 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    Each page of your website should have its own description that will be picked up by search engines and presented to the person who’s searching. In thi