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  1. Design and build for the worst case scenario

    Resource posted 29th June 2015 in Accessibility, Performance and Search

    Performance matters. If your website loads slowly it could be costing you business, so make sure it works for even the slowest of internet connections

  2. Look after your domain name

    Resource posted 11th June 2015 in Search and Website admin

    Look after your domain name. It’s one of your most important business assets and the cost of losing it can be huge.

  3. Bookmark icons

    Resource posted 28th May 2015 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    Your website has lots going on behind the scenes, and one of those things should be a series of bookmark icons!

  4. Giving social media the right information

    Resource posted 18th May 2015 in Content, Marketing, Meta-data and Search

    Put some text in a box. Writing a post on social media used to be so easy. These days, when you enter an address into that box some extra things happe

  5. Tidy up your site’s addresses for search

    Resource posted 29th April 2015 in Meta-data and Search

    Google have made a few changes lately. The most recent in the pipeline is the way URLs (web addresses) are displayed in their search results.

  6. Mobile friendly markers

    Resource posted 6th April 2015 in Accessibility and Search

    You might have noticed that if you search for something on Google on your phone there’s a new ‘Mobile friendly’ label.

  7. What is SSL and is it worth the bother?

    Resource posted 27th August 2014 in Search and Security

    Google look favourably on websites that use SSL. What is SSL, why does Google like it and and do the benefits outweigh the costs?

  8. The great unknown

    Resource posted 31st January 2014 in Search

    Nobody really knows what criteria search engines use to rank websites but there are some basic principles that have always held true.

  9. Page titles

    Resource posted 31st January 2014 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    A page title is generally held to be one of the most important things on a web page for being found on search engines like Google.

  10. How to write a link

    Resource posted 4th November 2013 in Markdown and Search

    It is important to let your users know where a link will lead; the link text itself should contain a good indication as to where they’ll be taken.

  11. Google Places

    Resource posted 18th August 2012 in Search

    Google Places is a great way to (literally!) put your business on the map. And like most things Google, it’s free!

  12. Page descriptions

    Resource posted 21st May 2012 in Content, Meta-data and Search

    Each page of your website should have its own description that will be picked up by search engines and presented to the person who’s searching. In thi

  13. Google history and your ranking

    Resource posted 23rd February 2012 in Search

    If you’re using Google to see how your ranking is coming along with your keywords you may be coming up a rather large obstacle…

  14. What search engines want

    Resource posted 19th August 2011 in Marketing and Search

    Search Engines look for certain measurable things that they equate with a good user experience and can be divided into four broad categories.

  15. Keywords

    Resource posted 14th August 2011 in Content and Search

    One type of optimisation that you yourself can make for search is a well thought out keyword strategy.

  16. Why should I blog?

    Resource posted 24th July 2011 in Marketing and Search

    There’s one massive reason why you should incorporate a blog on your website: Visitors!