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  1. Google gets serious about SSL

    Resource posted 14th September 2016 in Security

    SSL is an an easy way to boost your search ranking, but Google are introducing something much more damaging to websites that aren’t served securely

  2. SSL for everyone

    Resource posted 28th June 2016 in Security

    Every now and then something big happens on the web. Sometimes it’s really obvious, sometimes a bit subtler, but still very important. SSL is a subtle

  3. What is SSL and is it worth the bother?

    Resource posted 27th August 2014 in Search and Security

    Google look favourably on websites that use SSL. What is SSL, why does Google like it and and do the benefits outweigh the costs?

  4. Password security

    Resource posted 28th November 2013 in Security and Website admin

    Passwords are often pretty easy to hack. Using a password manager like 1Password can make all the difference to being secure online.