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  1. Giving social media the right information

    Resource posted 18th May 2015 in Content, Marketing, Meta-data and Search

    Put some text in a box. Writing a post on social media used to be so easy. These days, when you enter an address into that box some extra things happe

  2. How can Twitter help my business?

    Resource posted 30th January 2013 in Marketing

    Twitter can be a way of making friends, getting human answers to questions and can even be a good income stream for your business!

  3. Making the most of your blog posts

    Resource posted 3rd September 2012 in Content and Marketing

    Make the most of your blog posts! An article covering the various things there are to think about before writing and publishing your blog post.

  4. Little by little

    Resource posted 28th August 2012 in Marketing and Website admin

    What’s the best way to approach your website updates? Little by little or wholesale change and a grand-unveiling?

  5. Like? Follow? No thanks!

    Resource posted 24th August 2012 in Content and Marketing

    This article will give you a valuable insight into the pros and cons of having social media buttons on your website.

  6. Facebook business pages

    Resource posted 22nd November 2011 in Marketing

    The first thing you should know about Facebook businesses pages is that they’re distinct from your normal Facebook profile.

  7. Why do I need a website?

    Resource posted 23rd August 2011 in Marketing

    Having a website is possibly the most comprehensive, cost effective marketing tool you can have.

  8. What search engines want

    Resource posted 19th August 2011 in Marketing and Search

    Search Engines look for certain measurable things that they equate with a good user experience and can be divided into four broad categories.

  9. Branded email

    Resource posted 17th August 2011 in Email and Marketing

    Branded email gives your business a professional feel and adds credibility to your brand. What is branded email? Read on!

  10. Why should I blog?

    Resource posted 24th July 2011 in Marketing and Search

    There’s one massive reason why you should incorporate a blog on your website: Visitors!

  11. Google+ what’s the fuss?

    Resource posted 19th July 2011 in Marketing

    Google+ is the next big social network. It has a lot of potential and is similar those we already know to be useable, but has some subtle differences.

  12. QR Readers

    Resource posted 15th July 2011 in Marketing

    I’ve been having a (admittedly slightly belated) play with QR codes. QR stands for Quick Response code- scan it and it works its magic!

  13. Google Analytics

    Resource posted 14th July 2011 in Marketing and Website admin

    Analytics are a great (and free!) way of seeing how all your hard work promoting your website is paying off…