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The tools of the trade are important: hardware, apps, helpful features; even languages like Markdown. A full list of categories is also available.

  1. Using Pandoc to convert Markdown to Jira’s Textile in Sublime Text

    Article posted 22nd July 2021 in Development, Markdown, Tools and Workflows

    It’s a real pain that Jira’s plain text input isn’t Markdown. Here’s how to I write in Markdown and export to Jira’s version of Textile.

  2. Downloading a website as HTML files

    Article posted 8th July 2021 in Development and Tools

    How do you download a website as HTML, including the CSS, JavaScript files, and image assets? Wget is the easiest way to do it; here’s what I do.

  3. I’d forgotten how much I like Keynote

    Article posted 14th June 2021 in Apple and Tools

    When COVID-19 struck, Keynote became unusable for remote presentations. I used other, lesser tools for over a year before Apple released a fix.

  4. Stop the ride, I want to get off

    Article posted 17th July 2019 in Design and Tools

    I never thought I’d see the day, but I’ve fallen out of love with Dropbox. Dropbox’s genius was its simplicity, which is getting buried by questionable new features and messy branding.

  5. Still a sucker for Sublime

    Article posted 1st May 2019 in Development and Tools

    Over the years I jumped from one code editor to another before settling on Sublime Text. I’ve since tried others but keep ending up back with Sublime.

  6. My favourite RSS app

    Article posted 25th January 2019 in Design and Tools

    I love RSS. Having used the same RSS app for years, I decided to have a look what else was out there one stood out above the rest.

  7. In search of the best writing app

    Article posted 16th October 2018 in Tools

    A good writing app is an invaluable tool. I’ve found one I’m very comfortable with, and there are a few good reasons for that.

  8. Safari tab icons

    Article posted 20th September 2018 in Design and Tools

    I’m a fan of small and seemingly trivial changes that make a big difference, so Safari tabs getting icons in macOS Mojave was cause for celebration.

  9. Dashes, asterisks and plus signs

    Article posted 22nd August 2018 in Tools

    As a designer, I enjoy details. Markdown has lots of ways of doing the same thing and this is kind of nice, but also makes me sweat!

  10. Controlling email

    Article posted 8th February 2015 in Business and Tools

    Constant interruptions and notifications can take over your working day. For me, the biggest culprit is email. Here’s how I keep my head above water.

  11. Why I still use RSS

    Article posted 27th January 2015 in Tools

    Anyone who knows me will know I like to keep things tidy. Whether it’s my desk, the contents of my work bag or the files on my computer, everything has its place. This helps me keep in control and is why I still believe RSS has its place.

  12. Switching to Gmail

    Article posted 28th January 2014 in Tools

    Having never been comfortable with Google’s business model I’ve always chosen to avoid their services where possible. However, I’ve finally made the switch to Gmail and here’s why…

  13. Taking a break without neglecting your business

    Resource posted 20th January 2014 in Business and Tools

    As a small business owner, I find it difficult to leave work behind and here’s how I’ve tacked the problem…

  14. FreeAgent

    Article posted 30th May 2012 in Business and Tools

    As a small business I have to do everything. From marketing my services to working on the projects themselves. One thing I have a kind of love-hate relationship with is invoicing, bookkeeping and accounts. Read on to find out how I’ve cured that particular headache…

  15. Evernote

    Article posted 28th April 2012 in Business and Tools

    Evernote is how I stay organised and a great way to reduce clutter and save time. This article will tell you how it works and hopefully inspire you to see how it will work best for you! tempertemper Web Design wouldn’t be the same without it!

  16. Dropbox – my most useful app

    Article posted 27th April 2012 in Tools

    Dropbox is by far and away the most useful application/program I use. It’s totally streamlined the way I run tempertemper, freeing me from the shackles of my desktop computer and allowing me to take my work on the road at a moment’s notice!

  17. What’s RSS all about?

    Article posted 15th July 2011 in Tools

    So what’s all this talk about RSS, feeds, subscribing, etc.?