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Apple are a company where good design is at the centre of everything they produce, both hardware and software. They don’t always pull it off, but I love that they sweat the tiniest details. A full list of categories is also available.

  1. First impressions of iOS 14

    Article posted 18th September 2020 in Apple

    After 24 hours using iOS 14, I’ve found some of the new features unexpectedly useful. Here are my first impressions.

  2. 3D touch is gone on Apple Watch

    Article posted 17th September 2020 in Apple

    I noticed it when I went to try out the new Faces that arrived with watchOS 7: the new Apple Watch operating system has removed 3D Touch entirely!

  3. iOS 14’s Back Tap; a better way to access Control Centre

    Article posted 21st August 2020 in Accessibility and Apple

    My most anticipated iOS 14 feature wasn’t mentioned at WWDC 2020, but will sort my biggest issue with iPhones X and above: Control Centre access.

  4. Text snippets on Apple devices

    Article posted 13th August 2020 in Apple and Workflows

    I’ve been using Apple’s built-in Text Replacement instead of TextExpander for a while now. It’s pretty basic, but it’s free and it does the job.

  5. WWDC 2020 roundup

    Article posted 23rd June 2020 in Apple

    I did it last year, so here it is again. Far from a complete list of the features Apple announced at WWDC 2020, but the ones that stood out to me.

  6. Sleep on watchOS 7

    Article posted 23rd June 2020 in Apple and Design

    One of only a handful of real stand outs from the WWDC 2020 Keynote was native sleep tracking on watchOS. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!

  7. What watchOS 7 might have in store

    Article posted 27th February 2020 in Apple and Design

    I was pretty pleased with watchOS 6 when it landed last autumn, but a recent article got me thinking about what watchOS 7 might have in store.

  8. Apple’s Keyboards revisited

    Article posted 21st November 2019 in Apple and Design

    Apple released a new MacBook Pro last week and the keyboard has been revised, fixing almost all the issues the current/outgoing models have.

  9. If only Apple’s Voice Memos did transcription

    Article posted 30th October 2019 in Apple

    Imagine dictating a memo and coming back to it later as text for editing into a blog post. You can do that with the new Google Pixel…

  10. Some brief thoughts on watchOS 6

    Article posted 9th October 2019 in Apple

    After using it for a couple of weeks, here’s a quick summary of my thoughts on the newest operating system for Apple Watch.

  11. SwiftUI is more than just a developer convenience

    Article posted 19th September 2019 in Apple

    Apple announced SwiftUI at this year’s WWDC; I reckon it’s more than just a developer convenience – it’s a tactical move on Apple’s part.

  12. iPhone event 2019

    Article posted 18th September 2019 in Apple

    Apple’s iPhone event has just passed and it was interesting, but didn’t get me too excited. Here’s a brief list of my take-aways.

  13. Folder sharing and the new Apple OSs

    Article posted 13th July 2019 in Apple and Workflows

    The up-coming Apple operating systems will allow folder sharing in both Files/Finder and the Notes app. This is a big step forward!

  14. Looks like 3D Touch is going away

    Article posted 8th June 2019 in Apple

    In spite of my recent enthusiasm for 3D Touch, there have been murmurs that it is on its way out. I think they might be right.

  15. WWDC 2019 roundup

    Article posted 6th June 2019 in Apple

    I love watching the opening Keynote for WWDC. Here’s a brief overview of the things they announced this year that I’m excited about or interested in.

  16. Face ID and sunglasses

    Article posted 21st May 2019 in Apple and Design

    Face ID worked perfectly every time until the sun started coming out. Seems its achilles heel is sunglasses, but I think I might be ok with that.

  17. Thoughts on 3D Touch

    Article posted 8th May 2019 in Apple and Design

    Moving from an iPhone 6 to an iPhone XS has been great, and I know it has been around for a while but one of my favourite things is 3D Touch.

  18. I can’t wait for Dark Mode on iOS

    Article posted 24th April 2019 in Apple and Design

    Dark Mode on iOS looks to be right around the corner. I’m already all-in on Dark Mode on my Mac but it’s even more compelling on the iPhone.

  19. Choosing Dark Mode on macOS

    Article posted 17th April 2019 in Apple and Design

    It’s nice to dust the cobwebs off with a UI overhaul every so often, so when macOS Mojave was released last year I couldn’t wait to try Dark Mode.

  20. Reading at night with a neat iPhone hack

    Article posted 20th March 2019 in Apple

    I love reading in bed each night but even my iPhone’s lowest brightness is too fierce in the dark, so here’s a neat trick to make it even dim further.

  21. The new MacBook keyboard

    Article posted 9th January 2019 in Apple and Design

    The new MacBook keyboard has certainly been a talking point. From the new layout to the Touch Bar and keys sticking; I both love and loathe it.