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📝 Is it August already!?

Hi there!

August is here already, and July was a busy month! So much so that I broke my record for the most blog posts in a single month, with 15 😅

From the blog

I wrote a lot about images, from aspect ratios and native lazy loading to the (sort of) new WebP format.

I also announced that I’ll be back for the final Frontend NE, after a year or so in the background. Who knows when we’ll be able to hold that last meet-up, or what it’ll look like, but I’ll be there!

Here’s the full list of posts from July:

  1. The briefest of histories of responsive images
  2. Lazy loading images without JavaScript
  3. Using image aspect ratios to avoiding janky page loading
  4. Chaining Git commands
  5. A handy Git shortcut to fetch and prune
  6. An introduction to HTML attributes
  7. Self-closing elements in HTML
  8. Frontend NE draws to a close
  9. Reversing an ordered list in HTML
  10. How to change the first number of an ordered list in HTML
  11. Using horizontal rules in HTML
  12. Using address in HTML won’t be problematic for much longer
  13. Searching for a Git commit by name with grep
  14. Using WebP images
  15. The right way to use break tags in HTML

Elsewhere on the web

I don’t want to overload you, but I always like to include some other articles from around the web, for balance. So here are a couple of good articles for your reading pleasure:

See you again on the first Thursday of next month 👋

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