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🤓 September’s roundup

Hi there!

September has drawn to a close and my part of the UK is back in lockdown 🔒, which means I’ve had a wee bit more time for writing this month!

I’ve been thinking a lot about links lately and wrote about why underlining links is a good idea, how it’s easy to style them properly with CSS, and the pros and cons of opening links in a new tab/window (spoiler alert: it’s almost entirely cons!). Here’s your full rundown:

  1. Why you should (almost) always underline your links
  2. Styling underlines with CSS
  3. Include a date on your blog posts
  4. Staging different parts of the same file with Git
  5. Splitting a hunk in Git’s patch mode
  6. 3D touch is gone on Apple Watch
  7. First impressions of iOS 14
  8. Opening links in a new tab or window is better avoided

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See you again at the end of October!

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