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⛄️ What a cold February that was!

As lockdown continued for most of us, we’ve also weathered what felt like the coldest February for a long time; those two things together means I’ve been doing a lot of writing!

This month’s posts

A post about HTML and accessibility, a couple about iPhone security, some on renaming Git branches, and a mini-series on git stash:

  1. Getting started with Git stash
  2. Choosing a stash from the list
  3. Giving your Git stash a name
  4. Applying a Git stash non-destructively
  5. Deleting a stash in Git
  6. Viewing the changes in a Git stash
  7. When and how to use the section element
  8. Face ID and masks
  9. Custom numeric passcodes on iPhone
  10. Caching fonts on Netlify
  11. Third party platforms, and owning your own content
  12. Empathy, and renaming my ‘master’ branch to ‘main’
  13. How to rename the ‘master’ branch on GitHub
  14. Setting an upstream Git branch

From the archives

I was listening to a non-techy podcast the other day where the person being interviewed mentioned how easy HTML is to learn: you can get going with it in an hour or two. His point was that you shouldn’t be scared of it, which is absolutely true.

But that doesn’t mean HTML is easy, in fact HTML can get surprisingly complicated; since it’s the language everything on the web is output in, it should be approached with respect.

Elsewhere on the web

In no particular order, here are some great articles from around the web that I read (or re-read) this month:

Anyway, here’s hoping the sun we’ve had over the last couple of days continues well into March, and I’ll see you again on the 31st 👋

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