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☔️ Precipitation and productivity

May was very wet here in the UK. But staying indoors meant I wrote plenty of blog posts! I started by continuing to look at git restore, shifted my attention to image compression and performance, and finished up with a dive into how to make tables responsive and accessible.

  1. Undelete a file with Git
  2. Using Git restore to discard changes within a file
  3. AVIF image compression is incredible
  4. Converting images to AVIF in 2021
  5. AVIF and WebP are not always better than PNG and JPG
  6. Refining focus styles with focus-visible
  7. Accessible responsive tables

From the archives

One of the highlights of my year is coming up on the 7th of June: Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

I’ve written a fair bit about Apple over the years, and something I enjoy is posting a roundup of the things I find most interesting at WWDC, so expect one in next month’s newsletter!

I also tend to do a bit of live tweeting during the event so feel free to follow me over on Twitter if you want to join in.

Elsewhere on the web

In no particular order, here are some interesting nuggets from around the web that I enjoyed during May:

Anyway, enjoy WWDC if that’s your thing (maybe I’ll catch you on the tweets?), and I’ll see you again this time next month 🤓

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